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(DAHLIA PURPUREA.) Instability.

Cut the required number of petals from pink wax--colour them upon both
sides with crimson. When quite dry, wash them over lightly with bright
purple (using for the purpose a large brush, very moist.) When a second
colour requires to be laid on, I use a small portion of cake colour, (in
the present instance cake crimson, lake, with middle blue in powder.) To
curl the petals press the pin once down the centre, upon the shining
side; turn the petal, and press against the same at the point, forming a
melon-shaped section. Fold the edges of the petal to meet at the lower

Make a foundation of two strips of double wax, taking care to double in
the wire. Indent it strongly with the pin towards the point, as it must
be pressed into a conical form: it must be one inch deep and as much in
circumference. Cut three strips of double wax, vandyke them with the
scissors, and indent each point with the pin, bend the whole forward,
and paint them in the same manner and colour as the petals. Pass these
strips round the foundation first, keeping them exactly the same height.
Place three rows of petals on, seven in number, then increase them to
nine in a row, and so continue until the flower is complete. Take care
to place every petal between and not behind its predecessors, and let
each row fall back, so that at the conclusion it has a globular
appearance in front, and flat at the back of the flower. Cut the calyx
in double wax; it consists of ten points, five are light green, attached
to the back of the flower, and five dark sepals which are pendant round
the stem.

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