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(CAPRIFOLIUM.) Devoted Affection.

Colour eight or ten blossoms with second yellow, two or three are left
white, being all cut from wax devoid of colour; shade them with crimson
lake in cake; cut a piece of fine wire, two inches long, cut a strip of
white wax, three quarters of an inch in length, and pass it round one
end of the wire. This is to form the tube or foundation for the stamina
to be attached to: the latter are cut very fine from double lemon wax.
The anthers are tipped orange, the pistil green. Affix the pistil and
five stamina to each foundation, and then enclose it in the tube or long
part of the petals previously coloured, as also in the white blossoms,
first having passed a small head pin twice or thrice down each. The tube
is coloured dark crimson, gradually softened off towards the upper end
of the blossom. A calyx is attached at the base of the tube in the form
of a small cup--a piece of double green wax, cut very narrow, and passed
once round. The buds are made solid: cut the wax, which must be double,
in a triangular form; by so doing, and winding the broadest end round
the corresponding end of the wire, the proper form will be easily
accomplished, without much assistance from the fingers. Unite all the
buds together first, and then place the blossoms round. The leaves are
placed on two and two.

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