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(LATIFOLIA.) Combination.

"Ye flowers of beauty, pencilled by the hand of God!"

The corolla is in one piece, having five points. It requires to be cut
in thick wax. Press the finger in the centre, and pinch up each point,
bending the same towards the centre. A double piece of wax, cut in
points, is placed at the back; press the two firmly together, and make a
hole in the centre with the large pin. Paint in the corolla a small
circle of crimson points, using for this purpose a sable brush. Cover a
piece of fine wire two inches in length; mould to the end a small piece
of double green wax, making it quite round. The pistil is affixed to
this, and is formed by rolling the edge of the wax (as a whip in
muslin), and cutting it fine, as previously directed. The stamina are
prepared in the same manner, consisting of ten filaments, and are placed
round the pistil. Pass the stalk through the centre of the corolla,
rendering it secure by pressing the fingers close to the flower
underneath. Finish off the flower by attaching five minute points of
green wax. After the pistil and stamina are drawn through the flower,
press the anther of each filament down to the corolla with the head of
the pin, and tip them with deep crimson.

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