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Lemon Hollyhock


This flower should be constructed of very thin lemon wax. It requires
thirty small petals and seven large for a full blown flower: each petal
is shaded with the light yellow powder towards the lower end. Crimp each
petal with the point of the curling pin, and fold one end forward, the
other back. Pass a strip of double lemon wax round the end of a piece of
middle size wire, and mould the same to a point; the thirty small petals
are attached first, so as to form a full rosette. The large petals are
affixed to the back, and finished off with the calyx of double green.
Half blown flowers are formed the same, but cut from smaller patterns.
The early buds are moulded solid of green wax, covered with lemon; the
calyx is placed on similar to the flower, moistened with gum water and
sprinkled with down. Pink hollyhocks may be made precisely the same, the
only difference being that pink wax and colour must be substituted for

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