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"By all those token-flowers that tell
What words can ne'er express so well."

Cut six petals in double white wax; indent up the centre of each with
the point of a curling pin; press against this crease upon the opposite
side, so as to produce a ribbed appearance. Pass the head of the curling
pin down on each side of the previously named crease, and press the
petals back. Cut a strip of yellow wax half an inch deep and one inch
and a half in length; plait it up at one edge, and join it round to form
a cup. To the end of a piece of middle size wire attach the stamina,
draw the same through the cup, and fasten it underneath. Take a slip of
pale green wax, and wind round the wire under the cup, to form the tube
or neck of the flower. Attach three petals in a triangular form
immediately under the cup, and the remaining three immediately between
those preceding.


is constructed precisely the same; but use for the petals double yellow
wax instead of white, and orange wax for the cup instead of yellow.

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