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Orange Blossom

(CITRUS.) Chastity.

This is cut in double white wax. It consists of five petals. The head of
the small curling pin is passed up and down over the whole of each; the
petals are afterwards curled a little with the fingers, to do away with
any formality. A middle size wire is used; pass a strip of white wax
round, about half an inch in length; press it broad at the end, and then
place a fringe of stamina twice round: colour the end of the pistil and
stamina with light orange. The petals are next affixed, and a cup or
calyx is formed at the base of light green wax. The buds are moulded
solid, round at the end, and pinched up into rather an irregular form
towards the base. The calyx is finished off the same as the flower.

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