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Cut the petals in bright orange wax, place a fine white wire half way up
each, and occasion it to adhere by attaching a strip of orange wax over
it. Colour them upon both sides with carmine. Curl the petals by passing
the head of the pin twice or thrice from each edge towards the centre,
and bend the same back. Fold down the edge or end of two sheets of thick
white wax. Leave a quarter of an inch from the end quite white, then
paint a pink stripe half an inch deep; leave again a quarter of an inch
white, and finally finish with a stripe of green. Cut the whole two
widths into a deep fringe to form the stamina, and colour the anthers
(produced by the fold) with cream colour (white and lemon powders). Take
a piece of middle size wire, pass round it a strip of white wax; this is
to form the pistillum. Attach to the end five fine points of white wax,
and paint them also cream colour; shade the filament of the pistillum
red. Divide the stamina, attach half to the upper, and the remainder to
the three under petals. Join the pistillum to a strong stem, passing
white wax round to form a foundation. Affix to the foundation the six
petals, to which are attached the stamina, letting the latter fall from
the top petals over the lower ones, and dividing it so as to enable the
pistillum to pass through. Every set of petals are placed precisely
between those preceding until the flower is complete. It must be
remembered that the largest petals are attached first, and that they
gradually decrease until you arrive at the smallest.

"For not, oh, not alone to charm our sight,
Gave God your blooming forms, your leaves of light."

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