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The Damask Rose

(ROSA DAMASCENA.) Freshness of Complexion.

"The rose, like ruddy youth, in beauty stands,
And would be cropped by none but fairest hands."

Cut the petals from white wax, and paint them upon both sides (with my
crimson), two-thirds down. Cup the petals as in the preceding rose. Cut
two strips of stamina in lemon wax, tip them with my orange powder. Make
a foundation of lemon wax, and pass round the strips already mentioned.
Place in a triangular form the six small petals in clusters of two; the
next two sets are attached in like manner at the intermediate spaces,
the rest of the petals are placed on singly, five in each row, the
largest to turn back: finish off with seed cup and calyx as before
named. It is particularly necessary that the smallest or internal petals
should not be coloured too low down, as the white in the centre gives
great relief to the flower.

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