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The Red Fuchsia;

(FUCHSIA,) Taste:

Is cut from white wax. It consists of four purple petals, and four
crimson; these are painted with the large brush upon both sides, leaving
a short space free from colour towards the base of each. Cut the pistil
and eight stamina as previously directed, and colour them with crimson.
To the end of these may be observed in nature small particles of farina,
this is produced (as in the former instruction of fuchsia fulgens), by
dipping them while moistened with gum water into dry powder. A
foundation is formed at the end of a piece of fine wire, the pistil
attached, and the stamina encircling the same. The four purple petals
are then placed on to form a square, having the head of the curling pin
previously rolled down each to cup them a little. The crimson or outer
petals are curled in like manner, and placed precisely at the corners
where the inner petals unite. The flower is now complete, with the
exception of the seed cup; but previous to this being placed on, (which
is merely a piece of green wax moulded into the shape of a small berry,)
the flower is coloured again crimson, softening it off towards the said
seed cup.

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