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Austrian Briar Rose

(ROSA LUTEA.) Mingled Pleasure and Pain.

This is a showy single flower, and very easily and quickly accomplished.
There are but five petals, cut from bright yellow wax; colour them
half-way down each with crimson: cup them a little in the palm of the
hand, not using a pin at all. The foundation is rather small, and formed
of green wax--one strip of stamina placed round, cut in lemon wax,
tipped with orange powder. Calyx and seed cup formed according to
previous instruction.

Having given as many roses as my space will admit of, and as will be
required for the purpose of initiating learners in this kind of flower,
I will turn the attention of my readers to another class, held in much
esteem, and which will afford a wide field of variety to copyists. I
allude to

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