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This flower is always admired in a bouquet from its light and pretty
appearance, and is in nature very fragrant. Cut the petals, five in
number, of double wax, indent the head of a curling pin in each; cut a
fringe at the end of a thin sheet of white wax, having previously folded
a very small piece down to form the anthers. Wind this strip or fringe
round the end of the finest wire, taking care to double the latter
down. Brush these filaments all out, and tip them at the points with my
lemon powder: place the five petals round. The calyx is a row of small
points cut in light green wax; the points are touched with a brush
containing a little brown, and then passed once round the flower. The
stalk is covered with a light green, but partially coloured with brown
also. The buds are made very round, of solid wax, and a calyx affixed to
them like the flower. To make the foliage, look at my instructions.
Commence mounting the flower at the top of a wire; four or six leaves
must be attached first, two and two, then the buds in like order, leaves
under each, and lastly the flowers. About four or six make a pretty

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