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The Blue Water-lily;

Warm affection;

Forms a pleasing variety, but is not so generally well known, from the
fact of its requiring care in cultivation. Those previously described
may be seen blowing luxuriantly in common ponds; but this I am about to
give instruction upon I have never seen except in a hot-house.

Cut the petals in thick white wax; attach a fine white wire half-way up
the back of each. Colour them upon both sides with light blue, or more
properly speaking with blue lavender. It is a peculiar shade of colour
produced by mixing the light blue powder with white and a minute portion
of crimson. Curl the petals with the head of a large curling pin, by
passing it firmly once down each centre. The four outside petals are
green at the back, and shaded rather darker up the centre with the same
colour. The centre is formed similar to the white lily, but not so
large. The stamina are cut also in double yellow wax, and arranged
regularly round in rows of sixteen; three rows of these are sufficient.
The petals are placed on four in a row throughout the flower; the stem
is moderately thick and green.

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