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Yellow Jasmine

(JASMINUM REVOLUTUM.) Grace and Elegance.

Cut the petals from double yellow wax. There are five to each flower.

Pass the head of the small curling pin quickly twice down each petal;

and indent it strongly down the narrow or tube part of each petal upon

the opposite side. Cover a piece of fine wire, about three inches long;

affix a small piece of green wax, pressed into a point by the side of,

and at the e
d of, the said points. Dip the latter into water, and

while wet, into the yellow powder, to represent farina. Place the five

petals around, pressing each on neatly and firmly, permitting the points

or stamina to be seen just rising from the neck or tube of the flower.

Pass a small piece of green wax round the lower end of the tube to form

the calyx. Some buds may be formed from wax, wound round wire, and made

solid; others of petals closed. About four flowers, and three or four

buds, form a pretty and useful cluster; but the number may be increased

or diminished at pleasure.