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White Water-lily

(NYMPHEA ALBA.) Eloquence.

"Where will they stop, those breathing powers,

The spirits of the new-born flowers?

They wander with the breeze, they wind

Where'er the streams a passage find."


Commence the foundation of this flower by passing five strips of double

yellow wax round the end of a strong wire, indent
ng the edge of each

with the point of the curling pin, and pressing the same into a flat

surface: this foundation must be about three quarters of an inch in

diameter. Cut sixteen strips of very deep orange wax (double), about the

tenth of an inch in width: place them round at equal distances. Cut the

pattern No. 1, in double yellow wax. Roll the head of the curling pin in

the broad part, and bend the point of the same back. Place these on in

rows of eight, taking care that each row is between those preceding. The

petals are cut in thick white wax: cup them with the large head ivory

pin, to give them a rotundity of form; these are all placed on in rows

of four. Under the two or three largest sets it is essential to place a

small piece of white wire (covered with wax), to support each petal. The

four outside petals are green externally and white within; this is

accomplished by pressing a sheet of thin green wax against the thick

white. They are shaded brown up the centre upon the green side, using

for the purpose the large brush, slightly moistened with carmine and

sepia. The stem requires to be thickly covered with light green wax,

shaded with brown, similar to the back of the flower.