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Tulip Van Thol

(TULIPA PRAECOX.) Declaration of Love.

"Flowers are the brightest things which earth

On her broad bosom loves to cherish;

Gay they appear as children's mirth,

Like fading dreams of hope they perish."


Prepare the petals from double yellow wax, placing the shining sides

together, a fine white wire half way
p between. Form two distinct

creases up the centre with the point of the pin; with the head of the

latter cup the broad part of the petal. Turn the edges inward towards

the point, and colour each petal upon both sides with the crimson

powder, softening off the same, and leaving a margin of the yellow free

from colour. The stamina are prepared (according to pattern), from

double yellow wax, and painted with rich brown (cake sepia and crimson),

from the broad part to the point. To a large wire affix a piece of

double green wax, cover the same with lemon wax, and press it into a

triangular form: place a strip of double green wax three quarters of an

inch from this point, to form a foundation to attach the petals to.

Place round the foundation the brown stamina previously prepared, and

then attach the petals, in rows of three or five; they vary very much in

number, some flowers being much more double than others.

The remarks in the foregoing instructions on the "Van Thol Tulip," are

also applicable to the Summer Tulip; the centre is formed the same, but

rather larger; nature must do the rest. The great beauty of the flower

in the florist's eye, consists in its being cup-shaped and round at the

base. The ground colour of the flower ought also to be very clear and

bright in the centre.