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Purposes To Which The Materials Are Applied

Without wishing to derogate from the merit of others, or retaining to

myself the exclusive ability of vending the purest wax and the best of

other articles to be used in obtaining a faithful representation of

nature, I think it necessary to state, that I offer to the public

materials only of the very best quality; consequently, I take the prices

of other persons' goods as no criterion or standard for mine. The wax is

nufactured under my own immediate superintendence; soft, and perfectly

dull on one side. It is sufficiently opaque of itself not to require

being painted on the wrong side for white flowers, which is the case

with common wax. I likewise prepare wax, called "double wax," it is

twice as thick as the ordinary wax. When the single wax is used double,

the two shining sides should be placed together. It has sheets of tissue

paper placed between it to keep each sheet of wax smooth and straight (a

great advantage,) for when this is not done (though the wax may be

good), the edges are often wrinkled, and a great deal of waste is the


THE COLOURS--eleven in number, submitted for sale on my counters, 160,

161, 162, 163, Soho Bazaar, are of the very best quality, and ground

down particularly fine in spirits. I recommend saucers instead of a flat

pallet, as it is not necessary to use up at once all the colour that is

mixed; and by keeping each colour distinct in separate saucers, much

waste is prevented.

Twelve brushes are indispensable; each to be confined to the use of one

colour. Two small sable brushes are for veining, as in geraniums.

The large ivory pin is required for the Victoria Regia, water-lily, and

other large flowers.

The two smaller pins are to be used for similar purposes, on flowers of

less magnitude.

The cake colours are never to be used alone, but rubbed down with the

powder, as will be shown in my instructions for mixing colours.

The large white wire is to be used as stems for flowers, such as dahlia,

camellia, &c.

The second and finest white wire to support the petals.

The green wire, Nos. 1 and 2, are for stems of various flowers.

The square pieces of marble are of great utility in rolling fine

filaments, or rays, for the various kinds of passion flowers. It is a

much quicker and cleaner method than rolling them with the fingers.