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Instructions For Modelling Foliage

There are various ways of modelling leaves, but I would recommend them

to be made of sheet wax as much as possible. Take three sheets of green

wax, matching in colour the leaf you are about to imitate. It is not

material whether the middle sheet is the same colour as the upper or

under sheet. Cover a wire,--the size must be chosen according to the

proportion of the leaf,--place the said wire when covered under one

--cut the wax into the form of the leaf required. Plunge the real

leaf into cold water, and the wax into hot; while in a softened state

press it firmly and quickly upon the wrong side of the real leaf. This

will give a truthful imitation. If a real leaf cannot be obtained of any

particular flower, they can be modelled from a plaister mould, which I

shall be happy to furnish.

Another method is to melt a small quantity of green wax into a liquid

state. With a broad flat brush wash over the wrong side of a real leaf,

previously oiled with the best salad oil.

The latter method may be also adopted upon a mould, soaked in warm water

ten minutes previous to its being used.

The stalk must be attached afterwards, and a second layer of wax placed