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The Advantage Of Wax Modelling Over Other Fancy Work

And one great consideration is that the sight is not likely to be

injured. The eye does not require to be fixed; it does not occupy so

much attention as to prevent conversation, nor need the body be

bent,--a matter of much importance with growing girls, many having

suffered affections of the chest, and others disfigured for life,

through continually stooping to frame work.

There is no monotony in this agr
eable employment, for new varieties are

continually springing up in nature; and a visit to the Botanical Gardens

at Kew, or the Regent's Park, will at all seasons afford some fresh

specimen. In referring to the former gardens, I cannot forbear

expressing the deep sense of obligation I feel due from the public, and

artists particularly--being myself one of them,--for the boon bestowed

upon us by those powers who afford such facility for inspecting--free of

charge--all that is lovely, choice, and rare. It is perfectly clear,

according to my method, that the most elegant drawing room might be

used, without suffering in its appearance during its operations. I would

merely recommend that the table should be covered with paper, so that

all small pieces might be kept together, and easily removed.