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Use Of Curling Pins And Scissors

I beg to remind my readers that these are the only instruments I deem

requisite for modelling wax flowers. Both these require to be moistened

before they are applied to the wax. Warmth as well as moisture is

essential for these. A glass of lukewarm water will answer the purpose;

but great care must be taken to shake off the surplus water; for if the

globules were to fall upon the petal, it would occasion the colour to



requires to be stated; for they must not be held as a pen or pencil, but

perfectly perpendicular. Commence a short distance from the lower end of

the petals--for where the paint is applied the wax will not adhere. When

the petal is all one colour, pass the brush from you quickly and lightly

off the same on to the paper. If it is a variegated petal, bring the

brush towards you. This will enable you to soften off the edges of the

spots which are to be left free from colour. When moisture is required

in the brush, the latter must not be plunged into water, but a small

drop taken up by the handle on to the paper.