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The Snowdrop


"The snowdrop, and then the violet,

Arose from the ground with warm rain wet;

And their breath was mixed with fresh odour sent

From the turf, like the voice and the instrument."

This charming, pensive little flower should be prepared from double

white wax. It consists of six petals, like its companion the crocus. The

longest are
eft perfectly white, the others striped upon the inside

with very light green paint; and upon the opposite or exterior side of

the petal is placed a triangular green spot, near the off end. Cut a

fine green wire, three inches long, cover it with a strip of light green

wax, affix to the end the stamina, cut from yellow wax. Place round

these the striped petals, and those that are quite white immediately

between; finish off the same by placing a little double green wax at the

end of the flower, which forms the calyx; the flower-stalk is then to be

attached to a stronger stem. Where they are united place a small sheath,

cut from lemon wax, tinge round the edge with light green. The leaves

are rather narrow, not so dark as the crocus; made from double wax. The

head of the pin is merely rolled down the centre: they are attached a

short way down the stem.