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Sweet-scented Tea Rose

(ROSA SAFRANO.) Charming.

The petals of this rose require to be cut in thick white wax, coloured

three parts down with my lemon powder; shade lightly over this, but not

quite to the edge, with a little of my second yellow, and finish off by

a light tint of crimson (crimson lake in cake.) The petals are deep and

few, and require a great deal of cupping; to assist in producing this

rotundity of petal use the head of the ivory pin, commencing to roll

from the bottom to about half-way up the petal. Make a foundation of

white wax, rather large and cone-shaped; colour it the same as petals;

place the latter on singly, and press them forward to meet at the point

and conceal the foundation. They are placed on five in a row, and the

last two turned back: the seed cup is rather small; the calyx, and the

back petals are all deeply coloured with crimson. The stem is also very