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Instruction How To Form The Crocus

(CROCUS LUTEUS.) Youthfulness.

Prepare the petals (from pattern) in double wax, choosing a bright

orange, but not too dark. Place the two shining sides of the wax

together. The inner petals are not striped, but the three outer ones

have eight or ten pencil strokes of a middle shade of green, broad

towards the lower end, and carried off to fine points; these strokes do

not extend beyond two thirds of the f
ower, and laid on with the sable

brush. Cup the petals very much with a large head pin (this is why they

require to be cut from double wax) so firmly that each petal produces an

egg-shaped form when united. Double a hem in a piece of wax the same as

that from which you have previously cut the petals. Prepare the stamina

from this piece of wax by snipping the proper number. The hem at the

edge of the wax is to represent the anthers; affix the stamina when so

prepared to the end of a piece of strong wire, and cover them with

farina (my second yellow powder). Place the petals round the

stamina--first, the three not painted--and the remaining three in the

intervening spaces.

The calyx is prepared in lemon wax, tinged with a little brown, and is

passed round the end of the flower. The stem covered with pale lemon

wax. The leaves narrow strips of double wax (dark green), strongly

indented with the point of the pin, and a white stripe laid smoothly on

with the small sable brush.

The above directions will answer for the crocus susianus, the cloth of

gold, striped orange, and very dark purple; besides the Scotch crocus,

striped, white, and purple.