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How To Copy From Nature

To take the pattern of a natural flower, you must remove the petals

carefully, sorting out how many there are of an equal size. Take the

shape of one out of each set, in the following manner: Place the petal

upon a sheet of writing paper, holding it firmly to the paper with the

point of the fore finger of the left hand. Take a large brush containing

a very little colour and pass it round the edge. The exact form will be

left upon the paper without tearing the edges of the petal, even though

it were unusually fragile. When the requisite flower cannot be procured,

a proper pattern can be obtained at Soho Bazaar, or at my residence, 35,

Rathbone Place, where I am happy to receive visitors, daily, from ten in

the morning till six o'clock in the evening. Place the pattern upon the

dull side of the wax, and as the grain runs the length of the same, cut

each petal accordingly, for the wax takes the paint much better in that