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Forget Me Not

Forget me not.

"The very name is Love's own poetry,

Born of the heart, and of the eye begot,

Nursed amid sighs and smiles of constancy,

And ever breathing--'Love! forget me not.'"


This little flower is cut in one piece from thick white wax. A hole is

pierced in the centre with the curling pin. The finest white wire is

used: affix a small piece of wax to the end, and fold it down with the

wire; it must be very minute. Pass it through the front of the flower,

and fasten it at the back by moulding it gently with the point of the

pin. It is painted after it is made: the centre is touched with a sable

brush--the colour, second yellow. The edges of the flower are coloured a

brilliant blue, for which use the light blue, with minute portions of

white and crimson. The buds and opening flowers are more pink than the

full-blown flowers.